Criminal law isn’t just for career criminals. Unfortunately, sometimes good people make bad mistakes. When they do, the New Jersey criminal defense attorneys at Chance & McCann are ready to get your back. Many times people are falsely accused of crimes they did not commit. There is no more important time in client’s or family member’s life to have quality representation. Whether you’re facing a DUI charge in NJ for the first time, have been arrested for a violent crime or have a history of criminal convictions, our criminal defense attorneys are ready to fight for you. Chance & McCann will represent you from the very smallest matters that are handled in municipal court to very serious indictable offenses in State or Federal Court. We represent all types of clients facing charges stemming from:

Municipal Court Offenses:

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs – DUI cases are some of the most common violations that many people face. First time convictions usually result in fines and community service. Multiple convictions can lead to thousands of dollars in fines and significant time in jail.

Serious indictable crimes – We have defended high-profile cases ranging from gun charges, serious drug charges, sex crimes, endangering the welfare of disabled adults, tampering with evidence, official misconduct, and more.

Assault – Assault charges range from relatively minor simple assault to serious aggravated charges that can result in severe penalties.

Traffic violations – Minor traffic violations may seem inconsequential, but must be handled promptly to avoid enhanced penalties.

Our highly-qualified NJ criminal/municipal defense attorneys are in your corner.

Our criminal defense attorneys regularly appear in the criminal and municipal courts throughout New Jersey on behalf of our clients. Shanna McCann has been designated as a Municipal Court Law Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. With decades of significant education and practical experience supporting them, our incomparable criminal law attorneys are uniquely capable of providing the highest level of support for you.

Turn to our criminal defense attorneys for unparalled criminal defense representation.

Regardless of the type of criminal charges you’re facing, the New Jersey criminal defense attorneys at Chance & McCann are ready to take action for you. Our comprehensive defense strategies are your best chance at protecting your interests and personal liberty.

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Mr. Chance carefully served clients in southern New Jersey for over 60 years. In keeping with the continuity of the law firm, Keron D. Chance & Kevin P. McCann formed the partnership of Chance & McCann LLC in 1978. Practicing law for over 45 years, Kevin P. McCann is a Certified Civil Trial Attorney and a Certified Trial Advocate. In September 2007, our firm expanded the practice to Salem County and opened a second office in Woodstown, NJ

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